Windows Tooling

Installing software

The devon IDE already contains a lot of software. But if you need more, here are some ways to get it easily:


Chocolatey is a repository for free and open source software similar to the repositories know from the Linux like apt, apk, pacman, …​


Microsoft is also working on a repository for Windows called winget. It is currently in alpha state, but is expected to be integrated in the upcoming Windows 11.

Integration into Windows-Explorer

After you have set up your devonfw-ide on a windows machine, you already have windows-explorer integration out-of-the-box. Just right-click on the folder you would like to open in a terminal and choose from the context menu:

  • Git Bash

  • Open devonfw cmd shell here

  • Open devonfw PowerShell here

  • Open devonfw Cygwin Bash here (only if cygwin was installed during setup)

  • Open devonfw cmd shell in Windows Terminal here (only if Windows Terminal is installed on the system)

  • Open devonfw gitbash in Windows Terminal here (only if Windows Terminal is installed on the system)

  • Open devonfw PowerShell in Windows Terminal here (only if Windows Terminal is installed on the system)

Tabs everywhere

Many people got used to tabs that have been introduced by all major browsers:

tabs in firefox
Figure 1. Tabs in Firefox

This nice feature can be added to many other tools.

Tabs for Windows Explorer

If you want to have tabs for windows explorer simply install Clover

tabs in windows explorer
Figure 2. Tabs in Windows Explorer
Tabs for SSH

If you want to have tabs for your SSH client Putty (or even better Kitty that comes with WinSCP integration) you simply install SuperPutty BTW: Windows 10 has already an SSH client included.

tabs for SSH sessions
Figure 3. Tabs for SSH
Tabs for Shells

If you want to use different shells like CMD, Powershell, git-bash, WSL, SSH, etc. via tabs inside one window, then use Windows-Terminal that can simply be installed for free via Microsoft Store.

Shells inside Windows-Terminal
Figure 4. Tabs for multiple shells inside one window

For perfect integration, you should (re-)insall git after Windows-Terminal has been installed and check the option Add a Git Bash Profile to Windows Terminal or follow the manual integration.

Intergate git-bash into Windows-Terminal
Figure 5. Integration of git-bash into Windows-Terminal

We recommend to use Windows Terminal now, but for the record here is still the suggestion hint we provided earlier:

If you want to have tabs for your windows command-line you simply install ConEmu. Here you can also add other shells like Putty.

tabs for windows shells
Figure 6. Tabs for CMD

See integration to make ConEmu work flawless with devonfw-ide.

Windows Helpers

Handle passwords

Do you want complex passwords that differ for each account for security? Do you only want to remember a single password for simplicity? Do you want to have both? Then, you need to install KeePass right now.

Real text editor

A real developer needs a real text editor and not windows built in notepad. The most common choice is Notepad++.

Real compression tool

Do you need to deal with ZIP files, TGZ, dpkg, etc.? Just install 7zip and forget about windows build-in ZIP support (that is buggy with long file paths, etc.).

Smarter clipboard

Do you want to paste something from the clipboard but meanwhile you had to copy something else? Just, one of the many things you can easily do with ditto.


Microsoft provides some extensions to improve the workflow in windows called PowerToys. The include tools like a file renamer, a way to order your windows on the screen, a color picker and more.

Sysinternals Tools

A real developer will quickly notice that windows build in tools to analyze processes, network connections, autostarts, etc. are quite poor. So, what you really would like is the Sysinternals-Suite. You can make process-explorer your default task manager. Use autoruns to prevent nasty background things to be started automatically. Use tcpview to figure out which process is blocking port 8080, etc.

Cope with file locks

Did you ever fail to delete a file or directory that was locked by some process and you did not even know which one it was? Then you might love IoBit Unlocker. See also this article.

Are you are used to symbolic and hard links in Linux? Do you have to work with Windows? Would you also like to have such links in Windows? Why not? Windows supports real links (not shortcuts like in other cases). If you even want to have it integrated in windows explorer you might want to install linkshellextension. However, you might want to disable SmartMove in the configuration if you face strange performance issues when moving folders.


Install Cygwin and get your bash in windows with ssh-agent, awk, sed, tar, and all the tools you love (or hate). Windows 10 has already a Linux as an installable feature included: WSL and from Version 2004 on WSL2, which is a native Linux Kernel running on Windows (in a light weight VM).


Do you want to connect via SSH and need to open an X11 app from the server? Do you want to see the GUI on your windows desktop? No problem: Install VcXsrv.

Keyboard Freak

Are you a keyboard shortcut person? Do you want to have shortcuts for things like « and » ? Then you should try AutoHotKey. For the example (« and ») you can simply use this script to get started:

^<::Send {U+00AB}
^+<::Send {U+00BB}

First, just press [ctrl][<] and [ctrl][>] ([ctrl][shift][<]). Next, create shortcuts to launch your IDE, to open your favorite tool, etc. If you like a GUI to easily configure the scrips, that comes with a lot of extensions preinstalled, you should have a look at Ac’tive Aid.

Paint anywhere on your desktop

Do you collaborate sharing your screen, and want to mark a spot on top of what you see? Use Epic Pen to do just that.

Analyze graphs

Do you need to visualize complex graph structures? Convert them to Trivial Graph Format (.tgf), a run yEd to get an interactive visualization of your graph.

Up your screen capture game

Capture any part of your screen with a single click, directly upload to dropbox, or run a svn commit all in one go with Greenshot. Another screen capture tool where you can easily manage and edit your screenshots and also do screen recordings with is Screenpresso.

Fast Search in Windows

Everything is a desktop search utility for Windows that can rapidly find files and folders by name.

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