We try to make it as simple as possible for you. However, there are some minimal prerequisites:

  • You need to have a tool to extract *.tar.gz files (tar and gzip). On Windows before Version 10 (1803) use 7-zip. On all other platforms this comes out of the box.

  • You need to have git and curl installed.

    • On Windows you only need to download and install git for windows. This also ships with bash and curl.

    • On Linux you might need to install the above tools in case they are not present (e.g. sudo apt-get install git curl or sudo yum install git-core curl)

    • On MacOS you only need to download and install git for mac.


The latest release of devonfw-ide can be downloaded from here (You can find all releases in maven central).


Create a central folder like C:\projects or /projects. Inside this folder, create a sub-folder for your new project such as my-project and extract the contents of the downloaded archive (devonfw-ide-scripts-*.tar.gz) to this new folder. Run the command setup in this folder (on windows double clicking on setup.bat). That’s all. To get started read the usage.


To "uninstall" your devonfw-ide you only need to call the following command:

devon ide uninstall

Then you can delete the devonfw-ide top-level folder(s) (${DEVON_IDE_HOME}).

The devonfw-ide is designed to be non-invasive to your operating system and computer. Therefore it is not "installed" on your system in a classical way. Instead you just create a folder and extract the downloaded archive to it. You only have to install regularly in advance some specific prerequisites like git. All the other softwares remain locally in your devonfw-ide folder. However, there are the following excuses (what is reverted by devon ide uninstall):

  • The devon command is copied to your home directory (~/.devon/devon)

  • The devon alias is added to your shell config (~/.bashrc and ~/.zshrc, search for alias devon="source ~/.devon/devon").

  • On Windows the devon.bat command is copied to your home directory (%USERPROFILE%\scripts\devon.bat)

  • On Windows this %USERPROFILE%\scripts directory is added to the PATH of your user.

  • The devonfw-ide will download a third party software to your ~/Downloads/devonfw-ide folder to reduce redundant storage. You have to delete this folder manually as we do not want to be responsible for data-loss in case users manually put files here.

Testing SNAPSHOT releases

Whenever a story in devonfw-ide is completed by merging a PR, our github actions will build a new SNAPSHOT release and on success deploy it to nexus on OSSRH. You can therefore find the latest devonfw SNAPSHOT releases here. Simply choose the latest SNAPSHOT version folder and then inside the *.tar.gz file for the latest version. Once downloaded, you can proceed as with official releases (see install).

If you test the latest SNAPSHOT please also give feedback to bug or feature tickets to let us know if things are working or not. Thanks for your testing, support and help to make devonfw better!

Last updated 2023-11-20 10:37:01 UTC