Everything in a Single ZIP

The devonfw distributions is packaged in a ZIP file that includes all the custom tools, software and configurations.

Having all the dependencies self-contained in the distribution’s ZIP file, users don’t need to install or configure anything. Just extracting the ZIP content is enough to have a fully functional devonfw.

devonfw — The Package

The devonfw platform provides:

  • Implementation blueprints for a modern cloud-ready server and a choice on JS-Client technologies (either open source Angular or a very rich and impressive solution based on commercial Sencha UI).

  • Quality documentation and step-by-step quick start guides.

  • Highly integrated and packaged development environment based around Eclipse and Jenkins. You will be ready to start implementing your first customer-specific use case in 2h time.

  • Iterative eclipse-based code-generator that understands "Java" and works on higher architectural concepts than Java-classes.

  • An example application as a reference implementation.

  • Support through a large community + industrialization services (Standard Platform as a Service) available in the iProd service catalog.

Last updated 2023-11-20 10:37:01 UTC