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Serving the full Software Delivery Life Cycle

  • Linux/macOS

  • wget -c '' -O - | tar -xz && bash setup

  • Windows

  • Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile devonfw-ide-scripts.tar.gz ''; tar -xvzf .\devonfw-ide-scripts.tar.gz; .\setup.bat

What is devonfw
  • devonfw specifies a standardized open source architecture blueprint for state of the art cloud native (micro-) services and multi-platform rich client applications based on open source best-of-breed technology stacks.

  • Moreover, devonfw serves as a knowledge base for industry-proven best practices and mature naming/coding conventions enabling project speed-up and increase of software quality by available blueprints, code generators, an devonfw architecture compliance checker, and much more.

What makes devonfw different
  • icons8 active directory

    • Microservices

    • Based on Spring Cloud Netflix devonfw provides full support for microservices applications.

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  • icons8 experience skill

    • Experience

    • devonfw is the manifestation of hundreds of years of experience in software engineering.

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  • icons8 facebook like

    • State of the Art

    • devonfw is constantly evolving and actively updated satisfying your business needs.

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  • icons8 teamwork

    • Support & Community

    • Online trainings and a large community helping you overcome obstacles in your project.

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  • icons8 licence

    • No license traps

    • An open source platform providing transparency, ability and community support.

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  • icons8 product documents

    • Documentation

    • Online documentation with examples, user guides and step by step tutorials.

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