We don’t want to keep reinventing the wheel for thousands of projects, for hundreds of customers, across dozens of countries. For this reason, we aim to rationalize, harmonize and standardize the development assets for software projects and industrialize the software development process.

Industrialization of Innovative Technologies & “Digital”

devonfw’s goal is to standardize & industrialize. But this applies not only to large volume, “traditional” custom software development projects. devonfw also aims to offer a standardized platform which contains a range of state-of-the-art methodologies and technology stacks. devonfw supports agile development by small teams utilizing the latest technologies for projects related to Mobile, IoT and the Cloud.

Deliver & Improve Business Value

devon quality agility


  • Up to 20% reduction in time to market, with faster delivery due to automation and reuse.

  • Up to 25% less implementation efforts due to code generation and reuse.

  • Flat pyramid and rightshore, ready for junior developers.


  • State-of-the-art architecture and design.

  • Lower cost on maintenance and warranty.

  • Technical debt reduction by reuse.

  • Risk reduction due to continuous improvement of individual assets.

  • Standardized, automated quality checks.


  • Focus on business functionality, not on technicalities.

  • Shorter release cycles.

  • DevOPS by design — Infrastructure as Code.

  • Continuous Delivery pipeline.

  • On- and off-premise flexibility.

  • PoCs and prototypes in days not months.

Last updated 2022-12-07 17:55:51 UTC