Cross-Platform Tooling

Browser Plugins

There are tons of helpful browser plugins out there and it might be a matter of personal taste what you like to have installed. However, as we are heavily using github we want to promote octotree. In case you also work with ZenHub you might want to install the Zenhub Browser Extension.

Draw Diagrams

To draw diagrams for your project or for blueprints in devonfw, we recommend the following cross-platform tools:

  • is a powerful generic vector painting program (similar to visio). You can get a free open-source edition for your desktop from here.

  • ObjectAid is a nice and easy to use eclipse plugin that you can use to quickly create UML diagrams from existing code. While class-diagrams are supported for free, you need to buy a license if you want to use the other diagram types.

  • PlantUML is a great tool that can render UML diagrams from simple markup that can be easily managed in git or other version-control systems together with your code. Its simplicity allows branching and merging unlike other greedy binary UML data-formats.

Git Client

If you are looking for a git client that works cross-platform we recommend to use Fork.

Tab Grouping For The Web Browser

Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox plugin that helps to separate tabs e.g. tabs for projekt A, projekt B, travelplanning or hobbies

Last updated 2023-11-20 10:37:01 UTC