Guide to the Reader

Dependent on the intention you are reading this document, you might be most interested in the following chapters:

  • If you are not yet familiar with Spring, you may be interested in pros and cons of Spring. Also take a look at the official Spring website.

  • If you already have experience developing with Spring but are new to devon4j, take a look at devon4j’s recommendations on general best practices. Check out the chapters on architecture design, project structuring and coding conventions. Follow the referenced links to go deeper into a topic.

  • If you have already developed with devon4j and Spring and need more information on a specific topic, check out the devon4j guides for Spring. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, check out the general section. devon4j uses general solutions for Java, so solutions for both Spring and Quarkus are documented there.

  • If you want to get started or create your first Spring application using devon4j, check out the guide about creating a new application or the Jump the Queue and My Thai Star reference applications.

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