Migration from oasp4j-ide

The devonfw-ide is a completely new and innovative solution for managing the local development environment that has been created from scratch. Releases of OASP as well as releases of devonfw until version 3.1.x are based on the old oasp4j-ide that is now considered deprecated. As devonfw-ide is a complete redesign this will have some impact for the users. This section should help and assist so you do not get lost.

Get familiar with devonfw-ide

First of all you should roughly get familiar with the new devonfw-ide. The key features and changes are:

  • platform-agnostic (supports Windows, Mac, and Linux in a single distribution)

  • small core (reduced the download package from ~2 gigabyte to ~2 megabyte)

  • fast and easy updates (built in update support)

  • minimum number of scripts (removed tons of end-user scripts making things much simpler)

  • fully automated setup (run setup script and you are ready - even for advanced features that had to be configured manually before)

  • single command for everything (entire CLI available via new devon command)

For all the details you should study the documentation starting from the beginning.

Migration of existing oasp4j-ide installation

If you get errors:

  • ask your technical lead to fix the settings git repo for devonfw-ide or offer him to do it for you.

  • you need to merge the devon folder into your settings

  • you need to merge the devon.properties into your settings

  • you should check your variables[-customized][.bat] and merge required customizations into the proper configuration

Hints for users after migration

Getting used to all the new commands might be tedious when starting after a migration.

Table 37. Comparison of commands
oasp4j-ide command devonfw-ide command Comment


devon eclipse ws-update

actually not needed anymore as workspace is updated automatically when IDE is launched. To launch your IDE simply run devon eclipse, devon intellij, or devon vscode. If you like to get launch scripts for your IDE e.g. Eclipse just call devon eclipse --all create-script.

create-or-update-workspace «workspace»

cd «workspace» && devon eclipse ws-update


devon eclipse --all ws-update


devon vscode ws-update

devcon workspace create «workspace»

Simply create the «workspace» directory (e.g. cd workspaces && mkdir examples)


devon eclipse ws-reverse

To add new properties (old option --new) use devon eclipse ws-reverse-add

devcon project build
devcon devon4j build
devcon devon4ng build

devon build

devcon devon4j create

devon java create

devcon devon4ng create

devon ng create

devcon system *
devcon dist *

setup or devon ide setup



Simply open terminal in selected folder. On Windows right-click folder in windows-explorer and select open devonfw CMD here.

devcon help

devon help

devcon doc

Read the documentation from devonfw.com

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