Changes and new features

Devonfw dist

  • Eclipse 2018.12 integrated

    • CheckStyle Plugin updated.

    • SonarLint Plugin updated.

    • Git Plugin updated.

    • FindBugs Plugin updated.

    • CobiGen plugin updated.

  • Other Software

    • Visual Studio Code latest version included and pre-configured with the devonfw Platform Extension Pack.

    • Ant updated to latest.

    • Maven updated to latest.

    • Java updated to latest.

    • Nodejs LTS updated to latest.

    • @angular/cli included.

    • @devonfw/cicdgen included.

    • Yarn package manager updated.

    • Python3 updated.

    • Spyder3 IDE integrated in python3 installation updated.

    • devon4ng-application-template for Angular 8 at workspaces/examples

    • devon4ng-ionic-application-template for Ionic 4 at workspace/samples

My Thai Star Sample Application

The new release of My Thai Star has focused on the following improvements:

  • Release 3.1.0.

  • devon4j:

    • devon4j 3.1.0 integrated.

    • Spring Boot 2.1.6 integrated.

    • SAP 4/HANA prediction use case.

    • Bug fixes.

  • devon4ng:

    • SAP 4/HANA prediction use case.

    • 2FA toggleable (two factor authentication).

    • NgRx integration in process (PR #234).

  • devon4node

    • TypeScript 3.1.3.

    • Based on Nest framework.

    • Aligned with devon4j.

    • Complete backend implementation.

    • TypeORM integrated with SQLite database configuration.

    • Webpack bundler.

    • Nodemon runner.

    • Jest unit tests.

  • Mr.Checker

    • Example cases for end-to-end test.

    • Production line configuration.

    • CICD

    • Improved integration with Production Line

    • New Traefik load balancer and reverse proxy

    • New deployment from artifact

    • New CICD pipelines

    • New deployment pipelines

    • Automated creation of pipelines in Jenkins

Documentation updates

This release addresses the new documentation workflow, being now possible to keep the documentation synced with any change. The new documentation includes the following contents:

  • Getting started

  • Contribution guide

  • Devcon

  • Release notes

  • devon4j documentation

  • devon4ng documentation

  • devon4net documentation

  • devonfw-shop-floor documentation

  • cicdgen documentation

  • devonfw testing with MrChecker

  • My Thai Star documentation


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4j:

  • Added Support for Java8 up to Java11

  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 2.1.6.

  • Upgrade to Spring 5.1.8

  • Upgrade to JPA 2.2

  • Upgrade to Hibernate 5.3

  • Upgrade to Dozer 6.4.1 (ATTENTION: Requires Migration, use devon-ide for automatic upgrade)

  • Many improvements to documentation (added JDK guide, architecture-mapping, JMS, etc.)

  • Completed support (JSON, Beanmapping) for pagination, IdRef, and java.time

  • Added MasterCto

  • For all details see milestone.


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4ng:


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4net:

  • New circuit breaker component to communicate microservices via HTTP

  • Resolved the update packages issue

AppSec Quick Solution Guide

This release incorporates a new Solution Guide for Application Security based on the state of the art in OWASP based application security. The purpose of this guide is to offer quick solutions for common application security issues for all applications based on devonfw. It’s often the case that we need our systems to comply to certain sets of security requirements and standards. Each of these requirements needs to be understood, addressed and converted to code or project activity. We want this guide to prevent the wheel from being reinvented over and over again and to give clear hints and solutions to common security problems.


  • CobiGen core new features:

    • CobiGen CLI: New command line interface for CobiGen. Using commands, you will be able to generate code the same way as you do with Eclipse. This means that you can use CobiGen on other IDEs like Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ. Please take a look into the documentation for more info.

      • Performance improves greatly in the CLI thanks to the lack of GUI.

      • You will be able to use path globs for selecting multiple input files.

      • We have implemented a search functionality so that you can easily search for increments or templates.

    • First steps taken on CobiGen refactoring: With the new refactoring we will be able to decouple CobiGen completely from the target and input language. This will facilitate the creation of parsers and mergers for any language.

      • NashornJS has been deprecated: It was used for executing JavaScript code inside JVM. With the refactoring, performance has improved on the TypeScript merger.

    • Improving CobiGen templates:

      • Removed Covalent from Angular templates as it is not compatible with Angular 8.

      • Added devon4ng-NgRx templates that implement reactive state management. Note: The TypeScript merger is currently being improved in order to accept NgRx. The current templates are set as overridable by default.

      • Test data builder templates now make use of Lambdas and Consumers.

      • CTOs and ETOs increments have been correctly separated.

    • TypeScript merger has been improved: Now it is possible to merge comments (like tsdoc) and enums.

    • OpenAPI parsing extended to read enums. Also fixed some bugs when no properties were set or when URLs were too short.

    • Java static and object initializers now get merged.

    • Fixed bugs when downloading and adapting templates.


A new version of Devcon has been released. Fixes and new features include:

  • Updated to match current devon4j

  • Update to download Linux distribution.

  • Custom modules creation improvements.

  • Code Migration feature added.

  • Bugfixes.

Devonfw OSS Modules

Modules upgraded to be used in new devon4j projects:

devonfw shop floor

  • Industrialization oriented to configure the provisioning environment provided by Production Line and deploy applications on an OpenShift cluster.

  • Added Jenkinsfiles to configure automatically OpenShift environments to deploy devonfw applications.

  • Industrialization to start new projects and configure them with CICD.

  • Upgrade the documentation with getting started guide to configure CICD in any devonfw project and deploy it.

  • Added new tool cicdgen to generate CICD code/files.


cicdgen is a devonfw tool to generate all code/files related to CICD in your project. It’s based on angular schematics and it has its own CLI. More information here.

  • CICD configuration for devon4j, devon4ng and devon4node projects

  • Option to deploy devonfw projects with Docker

  • Option to deploy devonfw projects with OpenShift

Devonfw Testing


The Mr.Checker Test Framework is an automated testing framework for functional testing of web applications, API web services, Service Virtualization, Security and in coming future native mobile apps, and databases. All modules have tangible examples of how to build resilient integration test cases based on delivered functions. Mr.Checker updates and improvements:

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