Version 2.1.2: devon4j updates and some new features

We’ve released the latest update release of devonfw in the Balu series: version 2.1.2. The next major release, code named Courage, will be released approximately the end of June. This current release contains the following items:

devon4j 2.3.0 Release

Friday the 12th of May 2017 devon4j version 2.3.0 was released. Major features added are :

  • Database Integration with PostGres, MSSQL Server, MariaDB

  • Added docs folder for gh pages and added oomph setups

  • Refactored Code

  • Refactored Test Infrastructure

  • Added Documentation on debugging tests

  • Added Two Batch Job tests in the restaurant sample

  • Bugfix: Fixed the error received when the Spring Boot Application from sample application that is created from maven archetype is launched

  • Bugfix: Fix for 404 error received when clicked on the link '1. Table' in index.html of the sample application created from maven archetype

The devon4j wiki and other documents are updated for release 2.3.0.

CobiGen Enhancements

Previous versions of CobiGen are able to generate code for REST services only. Now it is possible to generate the code for SOAP services as well. There are two use cases available in CobiGen:

  • SOAP without nested data

  • SOAP nested data

The "nested data" use case is when there are 3 or more entities which are interrelated with each other. CobiGen will generate code which will return the nested data. Currently CobiGen services return ETO classes, CobiGen has been enhanced as to return CTO classes (ETO + relationship).

Apart from the SOAP code generation, the capability to express nested relationships have been added to the existing ReST code generator as well.

Micro services module (Spring Cloud/Netflix OSS)

To make it easier for devonfw users to design and develop applications based on microservices, this release provides a series of archetypes and resources based on Spring Cloud Netflix to automate the creation and configuration of microservices.

New documentation ind de devonfw Guide contains all the details to start creating microservices with devonfw

Spring Integration Module

Based on the Java Message Service (JMS) and Spring Integration, the devonfw Integration module provides a communication system (sender/subscriber) out-of-the-box with simple channels (only to send and read messages), request and reply channels (to send messages and responses) and request & reply asynchronously channels.

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