Version 2.1.1 Updates, fixes and some new features

CobiGen code-generator fixes

The CobiGen incremental code generator released in the previous version contained a regression which has now been fixed. Generating services in Batch mode whereby a package can be given as an input, using all Entities contained in that package, works again as expected.

For more information see: The CobiGen documentation

Devcon enhancements

In this new release we have added devcon to the devonfw distribution itself so one can directly use devcon from the console.bat or ps-console.bat windows. It is therefore no longer necessary to independently install devcon. However, as devcon is useful outside of the devonfw distribution, this remains a viable option.


in Devon4Sencha there are changes in the sample application. It now complies fully with the architecture which is known as "universal app", so now it has screens custom tailored for desktop and mobile devices. All the basic logic remains the same for both versions. (The StarterTemplate is still only for creating a desktop app. This will be tackled in the next release.)

New Winauth modules

The original winauth module that, in previous Devon versions, implemented the Active Directory authentication and the Single Sign-on authentication now has been divided in two independent modules. The Active Directory authentication now is included in the new Winauth-ad module whereas the Single Sign-on implementation is included in a separate module called Winauth-sso. Also some improvements have been added to Winauth-sso module to ease the way in which the module can be injected.

General updates

There are a series of updates to the devonfw documentation, principally the devonfw Guide. Further more, from this release on, you can find the devonfw guide in the doc folder of the distribution.

Furthermore, the devon4j and devonfw source-code in the "examples" workspace, have been updated to the latest version.

Last updated 2022-11-30 15:22:16 UTC