Appendix E: Release Notes

Changes in 1.17.0
Changes in 1.16.0
Changes in 1.15.0
Changes in 1.14.0
Changes in 1.13.0
Changes in 1.12.0
Changes in 1.11.0
Changes in 1.10.0
Changes in 1.9.0
Changes in 1.8.1
Changes in 1.8.0
Changes in 1.7.0
Changes in 1.6.0
Changes in 1.5.0
  • Fixed the bug by allowing multiple NormalizedLicense entries with same id per ApplicationComponent if the declared license differs. This allows to assign multiple licenses of same type (e.g. MIT) to a component and also will allow multiple "UNKNOWN" licenses to be reported for the same component. Note that as a side effect additional and unexpected NormalizedLicense entries might now be created. This might be caused from multiple LicenseAssignment*.xls rules firing for different RawLicense entries in the same ApplicationComponent and resulting in identical NormalizedLicense id. In this case it is necessary to restrict those different rules to only fire for specific RawLicense entries.

Changes in 1.4.0
Changes in 1.3.0
Changes in 1.2.3
Changes in 1.2.2
  • Fixed bug which resulted in corrupt XLS report due to cell comment exceeding maximum allowed size.

Changes in 1.2.1
  • Fixed by making sure that formulas get evaluated when opening the workbook with excel.

  • Fixed bug when reading saved data model for delta calculation. (repoType was not read correctly and resulted in always reporting a difference.)

Changes in 1.2.0
  • Added some license name mapping rules in LicenseNameMappingSample.xls.

  • New "Quality Report" which might be helpful in validating the outcome of the Solicitor run. Currently this report contains a list of all application components which have more than one effective license attached. This might be helpful for spotting cases where appropriate rules for selecting the applicable license in case of dual-/multilicensing is missing.

Changes in 1.1.1
  • Corrected order of license name mapping which prevented Unlicense, The W3C License, WTFPL, Zlib and Zope Public License 2.1 to be mapped.

Changes in 1.1.0
  • Inclusion of detailed license information for the dependencies included in the executable JAR. Use the '-eug' command line option to store this file (together with a copy of the user guide) in the current work directory.

  • Additional rules for license name mappings in decision table LicenseNameMappingSample.xls.

  • Solicitor can now run with Java 8 or Java 11.

Changes in 1.0.8
  • New Reader of type npm-license-checker for reading component/license data collected by NPM License Checker ( The type of the existing Reader for reading CSV data from the NPM License Crawler has been changed from npm to npm-license-crawler-csv. (npm is still available but deprecated.) Projects should adopt their Reader configuration and replace type npm by npm-license-crawler-csv.

Changes in 1.0.7
  • Enable continuing analysis in multiapplication projects even is some license files are unavailable.

  • Described simplified usage of license-maven-plugin without need to change pom.xml. (Documentation only)

  • Ensure consistent sorting even in case that multiple "Ignored" licenses exist for a component

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