Appendix B: Built in Default Properties

The following lists the default settings of technical properties as given by the built in file.

If required these values might be overridden on the command line when starting Solicitor:

java -Dpropertyname1=value1 -Dpropertyname2=value2 -jar solicitor.jar <any other arguments>
Listing 71.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

# log own messages from level INFO upwards, all other only if WARN or higher
logging.pattern.console=%clr(%d{${LOG_DATEFORMAT_PATTERN:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS}}){faint} %clr(${LOG_LEVEL_PATTERN:-%5p}) %clr(:){faint} %m%n${LOG_EXCEPTION_CONVERSION_WORD:%wEx}

# enter filelocation here to enable detailed logging of the drools component

# If set to "true" the download of web content (e.g. license text) via their URL (over the net) will be disabled.
# Use this if you do not have the required network connectivity or want to skip the net access due to other reasons.

## Properties for package URL based information. Infix (like "maven") corresponds to type.
# Base URL for accessing maven packages
# Base URL for accessing npm packages
# Base URL for accessing pypi packages
# Base URL for accessing nuget packages

# the URL of the base config file

# the base paths in the classpath where to search for cached (predefined) license texts

# the base paths in the classpath where to search for (predefined) guessed license urls

# Deprecated features are deactivated by default. If set to true they might be (temporarily) activated.

## Feature flags for activation of non-standard/experimental functionality
# Incorporate scancode infos into model

## Parameters for controlling the processing of scancode information
# minimum score of detected license findings to be taken into account for Solicitor processing
# minimum number of lines of detected license text for a file to be possibly taken as license text
# filename of the curationy.yaml file
# base path of the file repo where sources and scancode information is stored

# The curationDataSelector value to use when accessing curation data.
# You can change its value to select a specific curation data source (if the implementation supports this).
# Leave it empty to use the default curation data source.

# If there is an exception while reading the raw inventory data for an application the processing will be aborted by default.
# By setting this property to true processing will continue in case that the input file is not found. This allows processing
# in multi application projects where some input files are not yet available. A warning (SOLI-045) will be logged in this case and
# Fields releaseId, releaseDate, sourceRepo, programmingEcosystem of the Application object will be filled with string
# "(INPUT DATA MISSING!)" and the name will be suffixed with "(INPUT DATA MISSING!) in this case"
# If using this feature make sure to double check the log files / result to assure data is complete.

# Always activate the "extension" profile so that properties in takes higher precedence
# and might override properties given here

# do not allow  spring to start any webserver - even if the components are included in the classpath

## Default values of the properties giving information about a possibly active extension
# this will be overriden by definitions given in in the
# the extension classpath
solicitor.extension-artifact = NONE
solicitor.extension-version = NONE
solicitor.extension-githash = NONE
solicitor.extension-builddate = NONE

# The Solicitor version range that the extension expects

# Two optional text lines to be printed out when the extension is active

# source and target location of the optional extension user guide
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