Changes and new features


We have entirely rewritten our automated solution for your local IDE (integrated desktop environment). The former oasp4j-ide and devonfw distributions with their extra-large gigabyte zip files are not entirely replaced with devonfw-ide. This new solution is provided as a small *.tar.gz file that is publicly available. It works on all platforms and has been tested on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. After extraction you only need to run a setup script. Here you provide a settings git URL for your customer project or simply hit return for testing or small projects. After reading and confirming the terms of use it will download all required tools in the proper versions for your operating system and configure them. Instead of various confusing scripts there is now only one CLI command devon for all use-cases what gives a much better user experience.

To get started go to the home page. There is even a migration-guide if you are currently used to the old approach and want to quickly jump into the new solution.

My Thai Star Sample Application

The new release of My Thai Star has focused on the following improvements:

  • Release 3.2.0.

  • devon4j:

    • devon4j 3.2.0 integrated.

    • Spring Boot 2.1.9 integrated.

    • SAP 4/HANA prediction use case.

    • Bug fixes.

  • devon4ng:

    • SAP 4/HANA prediction use case.

    • 2FA toggleable (two factor authentication).

    • NgRx full integrated (PR #285).

  • devon4net

    • devon4net for dotnet core 3.0 updated

    • Updated the API contract compatible with the other stacks

    • JWT implementation reviewed to increase security

    • ASP.NET user database dependencies removed

    • HTTP2 support

    • Clearer CRUD pattern implementation

  • devon4node

    • TypeScript 3.6.3.

    • Based on Nest framework.

    • Configuration Module

    • Added cors and security headers

    • Added mailer module and email templates.

    • Built in winston logger

    • Custom ClassSerializerInterceptor

  • MrChecker

    • Example cases for end-to-end test.

    • Production line configuration.

  • CICD

    • Improved integration with Production Line

    • New Traefik load balancer and reverse proxy

    • New deployment from artifact

    • New CICD pipelines

    • New deployment pipelines

    • Automated creation of pipelines in Jenkins

Documentation updates

This release addresses the new documentation workflow, being now possible to keep the documentation synced with any change. The new documentation includes the following contents:

  • Getting started

  • devonfw ide

  • devon4j documentation

  • devon4ng documentation

  • devon4net documentation

  • devon4node documentation

  • CobiGen documentation

  • devonfw-shop-floor documentation

  • cicdgen documentation

  • devonfw testing with MrChecker

  • My Thai Star documentation

  • Contribution guide

  • Release notes


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4j:

  • Completed full support from Java8 to Java11

  • Several security fixes

  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 2.1.9

  • Upgrade to Spring 5.1.8

  • Upgrade to JUnit 5 (requires migration via devonfw-ide)

  • Improved JPA support for IdRef

  • Improved auditing metadata support

  • Many improvements to documentation (added JDK guide, architecture-mapping, JMS, etc.)

  • For all details see milestone.


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4ng:

  • Angular CLI 8.3.1,

  • Angular 8.2.11,

  • Angular Material 8.2.3,

  • Ionic 4.11.1,

  • Capacitor 1.2.1 as Cordova replacement,

  • NgRx 8.3 support for State Management,

  • devon4ng Angular application template updated to Angular 8.2.11 with visual improvements and bugfixes

  • devon4ng Ionic application template updated to 4.11.1 and improved

  • Improved devon4ng Angular application template with state management using Angular 8 and NgRx 8

  • Documentation and samples updated to latest versions:

    • Web Components with Angular Elements

    • Initial configuration with App Initializer pattern

    • Error Handling

    • PWA with Angular and Ionic

    • Lazy Loading

    • Library construction

    • Layout with Angular Material

    • Theming with Angular Material


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4net:

  • Updated to latest .net core 3.0 version

  • Template

    • Global configuration automated. devon4net can be instantiated on any .net core application template with no effort

    • Added support for HTTP2

    • Number of libraries minimized

    • Architecture layer review. More clear and scalable

    • Added red button functionality (aka killswitch) to stop attending API request with custom error

    • Improved API error management

    • Added support to only accept request from clients with a specific client certificate on Kestrel server. Special thanks to Bart Roozendaal (Capgemini NL)

    • All components use IOptions pattern to be set up properly

    • Swagger generation compatible with OpenAPI v3

  • Modules

    • The devon4net netstandard libraries have been updated to netstandard 2.1

    • JWT:

      • Added token encryption (token cannot be decrypted anymore by external parties). Now You can choose the encryption algorithm depending on your needs

      • Added support for secret key or certificate encryption

      • Added authorization for swagger portal

    • Circuit breaker

      • Added support to bypass certificate validation

      • Added support to use a certificate for https communications using Microsoft’s httpclient factory

    • Unit of Work

      • Repository classes unified and reviewed for increasing performance and reduce the consumed memory

      • Added support for different database servers: In memory, Cosmos, MySQL + MariaDB, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Access, MS Local.


The following changes have been incorporated in devon4node:

  • TypeScript 3.6.3.

  • Based on Nest framework.

  • Complete backend implementation.

  • New devon4node CLI. It will provide you some commands

    • new: create a new devon4node interactively

    • generate: generate code based on schematics

    • db: manage the database

  • New devon4node schematics

    • application: create a new devon4node application

    • config-module: add a configuration module to the project

    • mailer: install and configure the devon4node mailer module

    • typeorm: install TypeORM in the project

    • auth-jwt: add users and auth-jwt modules to the project

    • swagger: expose an endpoint with the auto-generated swagger

    • security: add cors and other security headers to the project.

    • crud: create all CRUD for an entity

    • entity: create an entity

  • New mailer module

  • New common library

  • Build in winston logger

  • Custom ClassSerializerInterceptor

  • Extendable base entity

  • New application samples


  • CobiGen core new features:

    • CobiGen CLI: Update command implemented. Now you will be able to update easily all your CobiGen plug-ins and templates inside the CLI. Please take a look into the documentation for more info.

      • CobiGen CLI is now JDK11 compatible.

      • CobiGen CLI commandlet for devonfw-ide has been added. You can use it to setup easily your CLI and to run CobiGen related commands.

      • Added a version provider so that you will be able to know all the CobiGen plug-ins versions.

      • Added a process bar when the CLI is downloading the CobiGen plug-ins.

    • CobiGen refactoring finished: With this refactoring we have been able to decouple CobiGen completely from the target and input language. This facilitates the creation of parsers and mergers for any language. For more information please take a look here.

      • New TypeScript input reader: We are now able to parse any TypeScript class and generate code using the parsed information. We currently use TypeORM entities as a base for generation.

    • Improving CobiGen templates:

      • Updated devon4ng-NgRx templates to NgRx 8.

      • Generation of an Angular client using as input a TypeORM entity. This is possible thanks to the new TypeScript input reader.

      • .Net templates have been upgraded to .Net Core 3.0

    • CobiGen for Eclipse is now JDK11 compatible.

    • Fixed bugs when adapting templates and other bugs on the CobiGen core.

devonfw shop floor

  • Patched minor bugs


sonar-devon4j-plugin is a SonarQube plugin for architecture governance of devon4j applications. It verifies the architecture and conventions of devon4j, the Java stack of devonfw. The following changes have been incorporated: * Plugin was renamed from sonar-devon-plugin to sonar-devon4j-plugin * Rules/checks have been added to verify naming conventions * New rule for proper JPA datatype mapping * Proper tagging of rules as architecture-violation and not as bug, etc. * Several improvements have been made to prepare the plugin to enter the SonarQube marketplace, what will happen with the very next release. * Details can be found here:

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