My Thai Star

As always, our reference application, My Thai Star, contains some interesting improvements that come from the new features and bug fixes from the other assets. The list is as it follows:

  • devon4j - Java

    • Implement example batches with modified devon-batch

    • Upgrade spring boot version to 2.2.6 and devon4j 2020.004.001

    • Migrate from dozer to orika

  • devon4ng - Angular

    • Move configuration to NgRx store

  • devonfw shop floor - Jenkins

    • Update tools versions in order to align with Production Line templates

    • Add dependency check step (using dependency checker and yarn audit)

    • Send dependency checker reports to SonarQube

    • Changed deployment pipelines. Now pipelines are able to deploy docker containers using docker directly. No more ssh connections to execute commands in a remote machine are required.

    • Update documentation in order to reflect all changes

  • devon4nde - Node.js

    • Upgrade to NestJS 7

    • Add custom repositories

    • Add exceptions and exception filters

    • Add tests (missing in the previous version)

    • Split logic into use cases in order to make the test process easier

    • Minor patches and improvemets

    • Documentation updated in order to reflect the new implementation

Last updated 2023-11-20 10:37:01 UTC