devonfw, as most Java software, makes strong use of Open Source Software (OSS). It is using about 150 OSS products on the server only and on the client even more. Using a platform like devonfw to develop your own custom solution requires handling contained OSS correctly, i.e acting OSS-compliant.

Please read the Open Source policy of your company first, e.g. the Capgemini OSS Policy which contains a short, comprehensive and well written explanation on relevant OSS-knowledge. Make sure you:

  • understand the copyleft effect and its effect in commercial projects

  • understand the 3 license categories: "permissive", "weak copyleft" and "strong copyleft"

  • know prominent license types as e.g. "Apache-2.0" or GPL-3.0" and what copyleft-category they are in

  • are aware that some OSS offer dual/multi-licenses

  • Understand that OSS libraries often come with sub-dependencies of other OSS carrying licenses themselves

To define sufficient OSS compliance measures, contact your IP officer or legal team as early as possible, especially if you develop software for clients.

Last updated 2022-07-01 13:40:31 UTC