Download and package OSS SourceCode

Some OSS licenses require handing over the OSS source code which is packaged with your custom software to the client the solution is distributed to. It is a good practice to hand over the source code of all used OSS to your client. Collecting all source code can be accomplished by another Maven plugin: Apache Maven Dependency Plugin.

It downloads all OSS Source Jars into the folder: \target\sources across the parent and all child maven projects.

You configure the plugin like this:


        <!-- use unpack-dependencies instead if you want to explode the sources -->

You run the plugin from command line like this:

$ mvn dependency:copy-dependencies -Dclassifier=sources

The plugin provides another goal that also unzips the jars, which is not recommended, since contents get mixed up.

Deliver the OSS source jars to your client with the release of your custom solution. This has been done physically - e.g. on DVD.

Last updated 2022-07-01 13:40:31 UTC