Account settings

Here you get a screen that allows you to create a profile. This is the same screen which you see during the initial setup of the dashboard. It is completely optional.

Account settings
Figure 170. Account settings

Fill the data and click on Save if you want to create the profile.

Installed versions

The installed versions subsection allows you to manage the different versions of devonfw-ide available.

Installed versions
Figure 171. Installed versions
  • It lists the devonfw-ide you have installed in your system, along with the ones available for download from our maven repository

  • If you want to install specific version, you can search it here and DOWNLOAD it

  • To check the release notes for a version, simply click on Consolidated list of features

  • For the installed versions:

    • Hovering over the eye icon shows you the path for the devonfw-ide in a tooltip

    • You can view it in your system explorer by clicking the eye icon

    • You can update its settings and softwares by clicking on UPDATE

    • You can also UNINSTALL an installed version, after which the dashboard will no longer keep track of the projects and IDEs belonging to that devonfw-ide

Last updated 2023-11-20 10:37:01 UTC