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The community is the most essential part of devonfw.

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Sounding Board Meeting

The idea of a Sounding Board is to have a regular meeting dealing with topics such as:

  • Technical status of projects

  • devonfw related activities

  • Status of devonfw

  • iCSD news

The main purpose of this meeting is to provide feedback on the asset usage: Where are the problems, what are positive aspects, new suggestions, upcoming requirements, etc.

Meeting participants are among the devonfw Core Team, BU Representatives, Project Managers and Solution Architects from engagements using devonfw, Lead Architects from AD Centers and anyone else connected with the topic.

The benefits of such a meeting is to gain knowledge about the projects using devonfw as well as feedback - what are the benefits or downsides, what could be improved? Furthermore, the identification of features, which could be harvested for devonfw usage, is necessary.

We are currently searching for people from the community who would like to host such a meeting. Please contact us!

Newsletter and Webcast


The iCSD newsletter is we-dev-on. It is a reader-supported publication for and from the devonfw communities all over Capgemini. It deals with current topics in the iCSD space including general news such as approaching releases or upcoming webcasts, but also tips and tricks, (Yammer) discussions, opinions or anything else worth sharing.


In the year 2017 we have started with a new webcast series for you, called “iCSD - Stuff That Matters” (thanks to Maurice Driessen for the great name). The idea is to organize webcasts dealing with topics which seem relevant for the community related with devonfw. Each session is planned for half an hour with reserved time for Q&A. There, you will be able to ask anything related to the topic or iCSD in general

Contributing to devonfw

devonfw Platform is organized in a way that it is easy for you to contribute. Therefore we have chosen to use github - the number one platform for social coding - which provides lean processes and great tooling. Most devonfw repositories are open source. However, if you’d like to access a private repository that contains IP material, you can send an e-mail from your Capgemini account with your GitHub login to the devonfw team to gain access. Please ensure your real name is set in your GitHub account or your login is matching your Capgemini CORP login. You will be also added to our Capgemini devonfw mailing list (see contact).

In order to contribute code we use git and github pull-requests. Lead developers can directly commit to the git repository while (later) everybody can clone and fork the repository and create pull-requests. These can be reviewed, commented and discussed and finally integrated (or rejected).

We are very happy to receive contributions from projects or individual experts. Before you invest your time and work into a larger change or contribution please get in contact before to ensure you will not waste your energy (somebody else might already work on the same thing, etc.). To get in touch and discuss with us please meet us in Yammer.

Topics for Contribution

Cobigen Extensions
  • Extensions for our famous code generator CobiGen

  • Contact: Malte Brunnlieb

Accelerated Solution Design
  • Acceleration using blueprints, best practices, guides with a special focus on methodology

  • Contact: Iwan van der Kleijn

E2E Testing
  • Testing is one of our current focus topics

  • Contact: Lukasz Stefaniszyn

devonfw Client Guide
  • While we have a concrete layered technical architecture for the server in devonfw, we are still lacking a pendant on the client. Therefore, one current focus topic is the definition / creation of a Client (Architecture) Guide.

  • Contact: Tim Lüecke

  • Apart from eclipse devonfw provides a fully featured IDE for modern web development with VS Code which has quite some room for further additions

  • Contact: Santos Jiménez Linares

NET Code Generation
  • Extension of our CobiGen code generator to also support .NET

  • Contact:

Towards an Automated Environment Provisioning
  • Automatically generate and provision (test) environments

  • Contact: Thorsten Peter

My Thai Star
  • Everything concerning our new reference application: MyThaiStar

  • Contact: Santos Jiménez Linares

Kickstarter for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • PWAs are "The Next Big Thing" for the mobile development. They can offer great UX comparable to native mobile apps, but being still a web application running in a browser.

  • Contact: Marek Matczak


Everyone agrees that apart from a strong architecture framework, an essential part of the mission of devonfw is to provide a large component library or module catalogue. This also plays an essential part within that principal goal of devonfw: avoiding that we reinvent the wheel from time and time again. However, there is not enough budget available to create a fully featured component catalogue and often a complex component is out of scope of what an individual member of the community would be able to contribute. Ideally, the engagements would contribute to the catalogue but often there is just not enough time nor resources available within the scope of the engagement.

In order to solve this persistent problem we propose the devonfw Harvest.

devon collaboration

This is meant to be an agile process wherein the engagements do not have to change their client focused approach. They implement their modules and components in the interest of and within the context of the project. However, we offer them the opportunity to contribute their work within devonfw by participating in “the Harvest”. During these events, basically hackathons, members of the devonfw and devonfw communities help volunteers from the engagements “extract” project specific components and turn them into more generic modules which can be used by any future engagement from all over APPS2. By participating in a Harvest, those involved in the engagements can guarantee the existence of the module in future projects, which is to everyone’s advantage, and contribute back to the community; become part of that community. And as a teaser we offer a price for the best component for each Harvest.

This, and everlasting fame, of course.

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