Getting started with devonfw

devonfw introduction

devonfw, the devonfw platform. This is a product of the CSD industrialization effort to bring a standardized platform for custom software development within Capgemini APPS2. This platform is aimed at engagements where clients do not force the use of a determined technology so we can offer a better alternative coming from our experience as a group. devonfw is a development platform aiming for standardization of processes and productivity boost, that provides an architecture blueprint for Java/JavaScript applications, alongside a set of tools to provide a fully functional out-of-the-box development environment.

devonfw guide

First things first. If you’re a developer just starting with devonfw, you should have a look at the devonfw guide. It serves as an entry point and reference document for everything related to devonfw.

You can use the devonfw Console, devcon, to help you with many automated tasks around the full life-cycle of devonfw applications, from installing the basic working environment and generating a new project, to running a test server and deploying an application to production, devcon is the easiest way to use devonfw.

If you’re an experienced hand, like a senior developer or architect, you should add the devon4J guide.

devonfw uses devon4J as lean open source architecture blueprint for the server side of an application. devon4J offers you a comprehensive documentation for building your application. Stop with digging in the docs of many different open source projects in parallel, getting on the wrong track or lost in space.

See devonfw in Action

Technology Stacks

  • icon Jira

    • devon4j

    • The devonfw platform provides an implementation for Java based on Spring and Spring Boot.

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  • icon .net

    • devon4.NET

    • Server implementation based on .NET.

    • Learn more

  • icon angular

    • devon4ng

    • Frontend implementation based on Angular and hybrid mobile implementation based on Ionic.

    • Learn more

  • icon xamarin

    • devon4X

    • Mobile implementation based on Xamarin.

    • Learn more

  • icon.node

    • devon4node

    • Server implementation based on NestJS.

    • Learn more

  • Image devon shop floor

    • devonfw shop floor

    • Platform to industrialize continuous delivery and integration processes.

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Brochure devonfw

download t.b.a.

devonfw Master Slide Deck

The following devonfw master slide deck contains several slides which can be used in marketing or bid scenarios. You can pick and choose the content which is most relevant for your specific purpose.

download t.b.a.


References for devonfw usage

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Foundations of devonfw

devonfw has been created on the extensive architectural experience of building large custom solution platforms that have been developed by large teams over years.

t.b.a. references to Register Factory and others public available docs?

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