Release: improving and strengthening the Platform

We are proud to announce the immediate release of devonfw version 2.3 (code named “Dash” during development). This release comes with a bit of a delay as we decided to wait for the publication of devon4j 2.5. “Dash” contains a slew of new features but in essence it is already driven by what we expect to be the core focus of 2018: strengthening the platform and improving quality.

After one year and a half of rapid expansion, we expect the next release(s) of the devonfw 2.x series to be fully focused on deepening the platform rather than expanding it. That is to say: we should work on improving existing features rather than adding new ones and strengthen the qualitative aspects of the software development life cycle, i.e. testing, infrastructure (CI, provisioning) etc.

“Dash” already is very much an example of this. This release contains the Allure Test Framework as an incubator. This is an automated testing framework for functional testing of web applications. Another incubator is the devonfw Shop Floor which intended to be a compilation of DevOps experiences from the devonfw perspective. And based on this devonfw has been OpenShift Primed (“certified”) by Red Hat.

There is a whole range of new features and improvements which can be seen in that light. devon4j 2.5 changes and improves the package structure of the core Java framework. The My Thai Star sample app has now been fully integrated in the different frameworks and the devonfw Guide has once again been significantly expanded and improved.

Last updated 2022-01-24 21:30:19 UTC