An industrialized platform for the ADcenter

Although less visible to the overall devonfw community, an important driving force was (meaning that lots of work has been done in the context of) the creation of the ADcenter concept towards the end of 2017. Based on a radical transformation of on/near/offshore software delivery, the focus of the ADcenters is to deliver agile & accelerated “Rightshore” services with an emphasis on:

  • Delivering Business Value and optimized User Experience

  • Innovative software development with state of the art technology

  • Highly automated devops; resulting in lower costs & shorter time-to-market

The first two ADcenters, in Valencia (Spain) and Bangalore (India), are already servicing clients all over Europe - Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands - while ADcenter aligned production teams are currently working for Capgemini UK as well (through Spain).Through the ADcenter, Capgemini establishes industrialized innovation; designed for & with the user. The availability of platforms for industrialized software delivery like devonfw and the Production Line has allowed us to train and make available over a 150 people in very short time.

The creation of the ADcenter is such a short time is visible proof that we´re getting closer to a situation where devonfw and Production Line are turning into the default development platform for APPS2, thereby standardizing all aspects of the software development life cycle: from training and design, architecture, devops and development, all the way up to QA and deployment.

Last updated 2021-10-21 17:17:16 UTC