65. MrChecker

65.1. MrChecker under ProductionLine


65.1.1. Introduction

MrChecker is end to end automation test framework written in Java. It has been released by devonfw but it is not supported by the devonfw core team.

This framework consist of eight test modules:

  • Core test module

  • Selenium test module

  • WebAPI test module

  • Security test module

  • DataBase test module

  • Standalone test module

  • DevOps module

65.1.2. Prerequisites

To be able to run Jenkins MrChecker job under ProductionLine you need to configure below settings in Jenkins and Gitlab

  • Gitlab

    • Generate User Private Token
      Go to your Profile in Gitlab


Next click on the pen icon


On the left menu choose Access Tokens and put token name and check fields like below


Click "Create personal access token", you should receive notification about created token and token string. Copy the token string.


The GitLab API user needs to have API access and the rights to create a new group. To set this permission follow the next steps:

  • Enter the Admin control panel

  • Select 'Users'

  • Select the user(s) in question and click 'Edit'

  • Scroll down to 'Access' and un-tick 'Can Create Group'

65.1.3. How to insert the Template

  • Create new Jenkins Pipeline Job

  • In job configuration check "This project is parametrized", choose "String parameter and provide

  • Add the template
    The guide on how to add a template to your Jenkins can be found in the root directory of the template repository: https://github.com/devonfw/production-line.git

  • Save job configuration

65.1.4. How to run the Template

  • Build the job

  • After job ends with success wait few seconds for repository import to Gitlab

  • As output of the build new Jenkins Pipline job is created with name "MrChecker_Example_Tests" also new repository "Mrchecker" will be created in Gitlab

  • Build "MrChecker_Example_Tests" job


65.1.5. Expected Result

  • As output of this job Allure Report will be generated


65.1.6. Summary

Using this documentation you should be able to run MrChercker test framework on ProductionLine.
MrChecker offers two projects to your disposal:

  • First project "mrchecker-app-under-test/pipelines/CI/Jenkinsfile_ProductionLine.groovy" has all tests included in the project and is the default project used in "MrChecker_Example_Tests" job.

  • Second project "mrchecker-app-under-testboilerplate/pipelines/CI/Jenkinsfile_ProductionLine.groovy" here tests are not included, therefore if you choose to run "MrChecker_Example_Tests" job Allure report will be not generated.

To change the project change script path at the bottom of the "MrChecker_Example_Tests" job.

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