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MrChecker E2E Testing


MrChecker is a testing framework included in devonfw with several useful modules, from which we will focus on the Selenium Module, a module designed to make end-to-end testing easier to implement.

How to use it

First of all download the repository.

You must run My Thai Star front-end and backend application and modify your url to the front in mrchecker/endtoend-test/src/resources/settings.properties

Now you can run end to end test to check if the application works properly.

To run the e2e test you have two options:

The first option is using the command line in devonfw distribution

cd mrchecker/endtoend-test/
mvn test -Dtest=MyThaiStarTest -Dbrowser=Chrome

optionally you can use it with a headless version or using another navigator:

// chrome headless (without visual component)
mvn test -Dtest=MyThaiStarTest -Dbrowser=ChromeHeadless// use firefox navigator
mvn test -Dtest=MyThaiStarTest -Dbrowser=FireFox

The second is importing the project in devonfw Eclipse and running MyThaiStarTest.java as JUnit (right click, run as JUnit)

They can be executed one by one or all in one go, comment or uncomment @Test before those tests to enable or disable them.

For more information about how to use MrChecker and build your own end to end test read: * MrChecker documentation * MrChecker tutorial for My Thai Star

End to end tests in My Thai Star

We have included a test suite with four tests to run in My Thai Star to verify everything works properly.

The included tests do the following:

  • Test_loginAndLogOut: Log in and log out.

  • Test_loginFake: Attempt to log in with a fake user.

  • Test_bookTable: Log in and book a table, then login with a waiter and check if the table was successfully booked.

  • Test_orderMenu: Log in and order food for a certain booked table.

These four tests can be found inside MyThaiStarTest.java located here.

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