What is devonfw?

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Welcome to the devonfw platform. This is a product of the CSD (Custom Solution Development) industrialization effort to establish a standardized platform for custom software development within Capgemini APPS2. This platform is aimed at engagements, in which clients don’t specify the use of a predefined technology stack. In these cases we can offer a proven alternative as a result of our experience as a group.

devonfw is a development platform aiming for the standardization of processes and the boosting of productivity. It provides an architecture blueprint for server and client applications, alongside a set of tools to deliver a fully functional, out-of-the-box development environment.

The devonfw name is a registered trademark of Capgemini Logo Small, but the software and documentation included in devonfw are fully open source. Please refer to our OSS Compliance section for more information.

Building Blocks of the Platform


devonfw uses a state-of-the-art, open source, core reference architecture for the server (these days considered a commodity in the IT-industry) and on top of that an ever increasing number of high-value assets, which are developed by Capgemini.

The devonfw Technology Stack

devonfw is fully open source and consists of the following technology stacks:

Back-End Solutions

For server applications, devonfw includes the following solutions:

Front-End solutions

For client applications, devonfw includes two solutions based on TypeScript, JavaScript, C# and .NET:

Custom Tools


The devonfw-ide is not one monolithic program that is installed with a traditional executable; rather it’s a collection of scripts which are invoked via command line to automate several, repetetive development tasks. These scripts then interact with other tools, frameworks, and third-party IDEs to streamline the development workflow.

devonfw ide

The advantage of this approach is, that you can have as many instances of the devonfw-ide on your machine as you need — for different projects with different tools, tool versions and configurations. No need for a physical installation and no tweaking of your operating system required!

Instances of the devonfw-ide do not interfere with each other, nor with other installed software. The package size of the devonfw-ide is initally very small, the setup is simple, and the included software is portable.


It supports the following IDEs:


It supports the following platforms:


It supports the following build-systems:

Other IDEs, platforms, or tools can easily be integrated as commandlets.

CobiGen is a code generator included in the devonfw-ide, that allows users to generate the project structure and large parts of the application component code. This saves a lot of time, which is usually wasted on repetitive engineering tasks and/or writing boilerplate code.


Following the same philosophy as the devonfw-ide, CobiGen bundles a new command line interface (CLI), that enables the generation of code using only a few commands. This approach also allows us to decouple CobiGen from Eclipse and use it alongside VS Code or IntelliJ IDEA.

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