cicdgen is a devonfw tool for generate all code/files related to CICD. It will include/modify into your project all files that the project needs run a Jenkins cicd pipeline, to create a docker image based on your project, etc. It’s based on angular schematics, so you can add it as a dependency into your project and generate the code using ng generate. In addition, it has its own CLI for those projects that are not angular based.

What is angular schematics?

Schematics are generators that transform an existing filesystem. They can create files, refactor existing files, or move files from one place to another.

What distinguishes Schematics from other generators, such as Yeoman or Yarn Create, is that schematics are purely descriptive; no changes are applied to the actual filesystem until everything is ready to be committed. There is no side effect, by design, in Schematics.

cicdgen CLI

In order to know more about how to use the cicdgen CLI, you can check the CLI page

cicdgen Schematics

In order to know more about how to use the cicdgen schematics, you can check the schematics page

Usage example

A specific page about how to use cicdgen is also available.

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