3. Further Information

3.1. Repository Overview

The GitHub repositories within the devonfw organization contain the source code and documentation for official devonfw projects.

devonfw Repository Overview
An overview of the devonfw organization repositories.

The most relevant repositories here are the individual devonfw technology stacks:

Our framework also delivers a number of tools and plug-ins that aim to accelerate and streamline the development process, for example:

We also provide educational material and reference implementations to aid new users and drive the adoption of our framework, for example:

Projects in early development and prototypes are located in the devonfw forge repository. They usually remain there until they are ready for broader release or use in production.

3.2. Links to our Community

We strive to foster an active, diverse and dynamic community around devonfw and are relying on modern collaboration tools to do so. Please note that some resources listed here might only be accessible to members or partners of Capgemini.

3.2.1. Microsoft Teams

The devonfw public channel is accessible to everyone who has a Microsoft Teams account. You can find the latest discussions on ongoing development topics here, as well as new commits and pull requests to our repos.

Join us to stay in the loop, and feel free to post your questions regarding devonfw here.

3.2.2. Yammer

Our corporate Yammer channel is accessible to Capgemini employees and members. If you are looking for information or feedback on current and planned projects regarding devonfw, we reccomend you ask around here first.

3.2.3. E-Mail

You can reach our dedicated iCSD Support Team via e-mail at:

3.3. Contributing

Please refer to our Contributing section.

3.4. Code of Conduct

Please refer to our Code of Conduct section.

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