63. Wiki Contributions

Contributing guidelines moved here. Feel free to merge over what remains valuable from here. This document will be delted in the future.

Our wikis are written in the so called AsciiDoc format. Check the AsciiDoc cheatsheet and the AsciiDoc quick reference for more information. Knowing the following basic features should allow you to convert your Word documents into the Wiki friendly AsciiDoc format.

It is mandatory to follow the code of conduct that must be present in the root of every OSS or private project as CODE_OF_CONDUCT.asciidoc or CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md.

63.1. Text styles

Italic Text

_Italic Text_

Bold Text

*Bold Text*

Mono Spaced Text

+Mono Spaced Text+

Text in Superscript

Text in ^Superscript^

Text in Subscript

Text in ~Subscript~

63.2. Titles

A title can be initiated like this:

= Level 1 header
== Level 2 header
== Level 3 header

63.3. Lists

Ordered and unordered lists can be created like this:

Ordered list:
. Item 1
. Item 2
. Item 3
. ...

Unordered list:
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3
* ...

63.4. Tables

The following example shows how a table can be created. Note that the header flag is optional.

|Header 1|Header 2| Header 3
|  Item 1|  Item 2|   Item 3
|     ...|     ...|      ...

63.5. Source Code

If you want to show off some code examples, you can use the code block:

 Some source code

You can also specify which script language is used. This will allow GitHUb to use a matching color scheme. Therefore, just type in the type of code used:

[source, bash]


[source, java]
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