61. Development Guidelines

  • Always ask before creating a pull request. To avoid duplication efforts, its better to discuss it with us first or create an issue.

  • All code must be reviewed via a pull request. Before anything can be merged, it must be reviewed by other developer and ideally at least 2 others.

  • Use git flow processes. Start a feature, release, or hotfix branch, and you should never commit and push directly to master.

  • Code should adhere to lint and codestyle tests. While you can commit code that doesn’t validate but still works, it is encouraged to validate your code. It saves other’s headaches down the road.

  • Code must pass existing tests when submitting a pull request. If your code breaks a test, it needs to be updated to pass the tests before merging.

  • New code should come with proper tests. Your code should come with proper test coverage, ideally 95%, minimum 80%, before it can be merged.

  • Bug fixes must come with a test. Any bug fixes should come with an appropriate test to verify the bug is fixed, and does not return.

  • Code structure should be maintained. The structure of the repo and files has been carefully crafted, and any deviations from that should be only done when agreed upon by the entire community.

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